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This topic summarizes the new functionality introduced in the library with helpful links to places in the documentation that describe in greater detail the new functionality and how it can be used.

What's New in 2024 Q2

  • Instead of using the PdfExportSettings.ShouldEmbedFont property, use the FontEmbeddingType property allowing to specify whether the full font will be embedded in the document or a subset of it.
  • Support for OTF (OpenType Font) font file format

What's New in 2014 Q3

What's New

  • RadFixedDocumentEditor class which creates fixed content in a flow-like manner. Read more.

  • Introduced Tables generator allowing easy export of tabular data content. Read more.

  • Exposed Block class allowing to draw and split in parts groups of text, images and shapes. Read more.

  • Introduced hyperlink concept that combines Link annotation and fixed content.

What's Fixed

  • Rounding double values causes offsets in rendering.
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