Known Issues

This articles summarizes all known issues related to Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core.

ASP.NET Core Framework

  • Localization resources are not supported. For more information on this limitation, refer to dotnet/coreclr#2007.


Common Issues

  • Limited set of helpers. Interim releases will add more widgets.
  • Localization is a work in progress. For a discussion, refer to aspnet/Home/issues/1124.
  • Deferred() can be invoked only as a last setting.
      /*other configuration..*/
  • Tag helpers might need to be disabled on pages, where widgets that can render custom content are used—for example, the Button, Editor, Splitter, Tooltip, or Window. Some tag helpers, such as the href one, are processed automatically and result in invalid HTML.
@removeTagHelper "*, Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.Razor"
@removeTagHelper "*, Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Razor"


Server-side rendering is not supported. The Toolbar template, Column Header template, and Column Template are no longer rendered on the server.


Enum Now by
ChartAreaStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartAreaMissingValues ChartSeriesMissingValues
ChartBarGradient ChartSeriesGradient
ChartBarLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartFunnelLabelsAlign ChartSeriesLabelsAlign
ChartFunnelLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartLineMissingValues ChartSeriesMissingValues
ChartLineStyle ChartSeriesStyle
ChartPieLabelsAlign ChartSeriesLabelsAlign
ChartPieLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartPointLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartPolarAreaStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartPolarLineStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartRadarAreaStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartRadarLineStyle ChartSeriesLineStyle
ChartRangeAreaLabelsPosition ChartSeriesLabelsPosition
ChartScatterLineMissingValues ChartSeriesMissingValues
ChartScatterLineStyle ChartSeriesStyle


The Thumbnails view of the ImageBrowser is not supported because the System.Drawing namespace is not part of ASP.NET Core. However, a third-party library can be used for the server-side processing of images.


The TagMode enum is now by MultiSelectTagMode.

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