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Error Adding Files


Test Studio attempts to check out a test from TFS every time Test Studio opens, even when that test has not been recently checked in to TFS.

An error like this appears in the application log:

[02/04 14:33:22,Telerik.TestStudio.exe(2920:1),TeamFoundationServer] TFSServer._vcs_NonFatalError() : Non-fatal error handling TFS request: Failure instance 52192065
  RequestType: None
  Code: ItemExistsException
  Severity: Error
  Warnings: [0]
  Message: The item $/TestName.tstest already exists.

  [ . . .]

 [02/04 14:33:22,Telerik.TestStudio.exe(2920:1),TeamFoundationServer] TFSServer.AddFiles() : Error adding files


This behavior may occur if you attempt to open a project on your local hard drive that was connected to a different TFS workspace.

Instead of copying the project from another machine, try opening it from TFS. This way, Test Studio can properly setup the TFS workspace on your local machine.

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