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How to Perform Clean Reinstall of Chrome Browser


Test Studio extension in Chrome browser does not load during recording, or the test steps are not executing.


Complete a clean reinstall of Chrome browser to ensure left over user data interferes with the Test Studio extension and prevents the browser to act as expected. The below steps guides you through the process:

  1. Start Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and choose to uninstall Chrome from your machine.

  2. In a File Explorer browse to Chrome user data folder - default is C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome. Delete any leftover data in this folder or remove the complete folder.

  3. In a File Explorer browse to Test Studio user data folder for Chrome - C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Local\ArtOfTest\TSChromeUserData and delete its content.

  4. Perform a fresh install of the latest official version of the Chrome browser.

  5. To use the Chrome browser for Test Studio automation again, you need to calibrate it and add the Telerik Test Studio extension.

  6. If you continue experience troubles with Chrome test execution, you can contact the Test Studio support team by submitting a support ticket.

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