Analyze Test Results

The Test Results panel allows you to traverse test execution results, drilling down to the individual test step and back up again to the test list level.

1.  To see the results for a test list, double-click the result in the calendar.

2.  The Test Results panel appears on the right. The test results panel shows results for the entire test list.

3.  The Passed/Total column shows that all steps of both tests passed. Double-clicking a test in this list drills down to show the steps of that test.

Test results

4.  Double-click a test in the Test Results view to see the result of each test step. The bread crumb trail at the top of the panel now shows the test list followed by the test name.

Step results

5.  Click the top level in the bread crumb trail to jump directly back to the test list result.

Test as Step Results

If the test contains a Test as Step, More icon appears next to the Test as Step. Double click that step to view the step results for that Test as Step.

Step as step results

In Development Tests Results

If the test list setting ExecuteTestsInDevelopment is set to false the tests flagged 'In Development' will be skipped in the execution. Opening the results details will inform you that the test is in development.

In development tests results

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