Remote Load Test Execution

One of the main goals of a load testing is to run a great amount of web request against a web server. It can't be done efficiently using a single machine. To perform a real load on a server it is necessary to use as many physical machines as possible. For such load testing scenario the following conditions have to be present:


  • A Run-Time version installed on each execution machine
  • Scheduling and storage server installed and configured on one machine
  • All execution clients have to be connected to the scheduling server machine
  • Sufficient amount of users allocated on the scheduling server

Running the tests

  1. Create a test list that contains a load test to be executed
  2. Assign to the scheduling server sufficient amount users that correspond to the CPU number and physical machines to be used. In general approximately 8 users per CPU unit seems to be sufficient to have a realistic load testing results. If a lot more users are introduced - the web requests that can not be executed due to overload of the CPU or machine web controller will be send to a queue.
  3. Schedule the test list to be executed using distributed run option.