Add Assembly Reference

If you add a coded step in Progress® Test Studio® for APIs and use logic contained in an outside assembly, you will need to add a reference to that assembly. Just like Visual Studio, project references in the Progress® Test Studio® for APIs are project specific. Adding an assembly reference in one project does not make it available to other projects.

To add an assembly reference to a project, you can either click on the Edit Project Properties button in the toolbar

Edit Project Properties

or right-click on the project in the Project Explorer and select Properties

Project Properties Context Menu

The References tab of the Project Properties dialog lists all currently added assembly references and allow adding/removing references.

Project Properties Dialog

The first three references (System, Telerik.ApiTesting.Framework and Telerik.ApiTesting.Framework.Abstractions) are added by default to every project and cannot be modified.

To add a new assembly reference, click on the "Add Reference(s)" button and navigate to the directory, containing the target assembly. Select the assembly and click Open.

Add reference button

Select Assembly File

This will list the new assembly in the list of referenced assemblies. Click on the Save button to save the changes.

New Assembly Reference Added

Note that adding an assembly reference will not copy its .dll file in the project. If you try to run the same project on a different machine, you need to make sure that the same assembly .dll file exists in the same path on the new machine.

If you wish to add the .dll file of an assembly in your project root folder and add a reference to it from there, do not save it in the bin folder as it will be completely deleted every time a new build is triggered.

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