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Data Explorer Does Not Show Data Fields


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After configuring a data source component, the Data Explorer lists only the direct properties of the wrapped data object. These properties must be public, and must have a proper getter.

Cases in which the Data Explorer does not load all or any fields:

  1. The configured data source component is SqlDataSource, and the SQL query uses temporary tables. No fields will be listed in the Data Explorer.
  2. The configured data source component wraps a custom data model, which properties are not public or do not have getters. Only public properties with getters will be displayed in the Data Explorer.
  3. The configured data source component wraps a custom data model, which has a collection property. The collection will be displayed as an array of objects in the Data Explorer. You won't be able to see the inner properties of the collection items.
  4. The selected data item's DataSource is not set to any data source component. The Data Explorer will not load any fields.
  5. The wrapped data object does not have a specific data schema e.g. a DataTable object loaded with data dynamically, where columns are not declared - Adding Columns to a DataTable.


Per case from the Description section:

  1. Apply the settings from the Configuring Stored Procedure with Temporary Tables KB article.
  2. Update the data model to expose its properties - make them public and verify each has at least a Get method.
  3. To get the properties of the type of the collection property, you can use a temporary data source component to design the item. Details how to use collection properties are available in the How to Databind to Collection Properties KB article.
  4. Set the data item's DataSource to a configured data source component, and on selecting the item the Data Explorer will list its data source's fields. The same apply if you want to use the Edit Expression dialog.
  5. The data object should expose a data schema - public properties with getters, exposing their names and types, and etc.
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