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Sorting Action Overview

You can add interactive sort buttons to enable a user to toggle between, raw, ascending and descending order for rows in a Table, for rows and columns in a Crosstab, for report details or groups and for Graph groups. The most common use of the interactive sorting action is to add a sort button to every column header textbox/item. The user can then choose which column to sort by.

With that being said, you can add an interactive sorting button to any report item, not just column header textboxes. For example, for a TextBox in a row outside a row group, for child group rows or columns, or for the detail rows or columns. You can also combine fields into a single expression, and then sort by multiple fields.

Add Interactive Sorting Action

When you create an interactive sorting action, in the Edit Action dialog you must specify what to sort (target data item/group) and what to sort by (data field or expression).

When you view the report, items that trigger interactive sorting action have arrow icons that change to indicate the sort order. The first time you click an interactive sort button, items are sorted in ascending order. The second time you click an interactive sort button, items are sorted in descending order. The third time you click an interactive sort button, we use the raw data source/item order. Subsequent clicks toggle the sort order between ascending, descending and raw (default sort order) order.


When triggered the interactive sorting action applies the sorting expression to the specified target. The sorting expression is applied with higher priority then the static sorting expressions defined for the target.

Adorner alignment

The sorting adorner by design is aligned horizontally on the left and vertically in the middle. If you want to change its location, you can nest the target item in a Panel item and use another Panel item for the Sorting action. This way, you can align the last panel holding the sorting adorner according to your requirements.

Multiple actions

The items can hold only one action. If you need to add multiple actions, for example, Sorting Action and Toggle Visibility Action, our recommendation is to nest the target item to a Panel item. Then, add one action to the panel and another action to the target item.

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