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Video Onboarding for Telerik Reporting

Telerik Reporting has its own video getting started course available to both users with an active trial license and users with an active commercial license. The training course in Telerik's Virtual Classroom is developed to help you get started with the Telerik Reporting set of services and features. It aims to put you in the shoes of a report designer and an engineer who is integrating a reporting solution into an existing application.

In this course, you will use ASP.NET Core with Blazor and your job is to add a dynamic report page to a public tracking application that has already been developed. You will design and develop a report by using the Telerik Reporting Standalone Report designer. Then, you will incorporate that report into an existing app by using the Telerik Report Viewer for Blazor. You will also try different configuration options that come out of the box for Telerik Reporting, like communication between the report server and the web app, as well as hosting the report APIs in the app itself.

Course Overview

The next video shares a glimpse of the format and structure of the whole training and provides a brief overview of what will be accomplished through the steps.

Project Overview

This video explains the details around the project you will be modifying—what it is, what needs to be added, and what the accomplished state will look like.

Onboarding Modules

The Telerik Reporting technical online training has an approximate duration of 2 hours and is split into five modules with the following learning path:

  • Chapter 1: Welcome (Course Overview, Prerequisites, Resources, and Course Download with a Tour of the Application)
  • Chapter 2: Overview of Telerik Reporting (Telerik Reporting Fundamentals, Report Designers, Report Viewers, Report Structure and Life Cycle)
  • Chapter 3: Getting Started (Installation and Package Management, Creating a Report, Report and Report Viewer Integration, Adding Data, Creating Graphs, Hosting an API Endpoint)
  • Chapter 4: Advanced Scenarios (Report Parameters, Exporting, Rendering and Paging, Globalization, Web Report Designer)
  • Chapter 5: Styling the Reports (Custom Styles, Header and Footer, Reusing Style Sheets)

If you wish to learn more and continue with the video onboarding, enroll in the training from the Virtual Classroom.

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