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First Steps

Welcome to the Demo report guide on getting started with Telerik Reporting!

This guide creates a use case scenario which demonstrates how to create, set up, and publish a sample Demo report. In the report, we demonstrate how to create it, add datasource to it, visualize the data through a table and graph, as well as how to style the report and its items. Finally, we will show how to display the report in.NET Application through the Html5 Report Viewer.

Each major step, from installing the product and creating the report to adding the column graph and integrating the report in the Visual Studio application, is explained in a separate article as part of the complete guide.

For more examples on Telerik Reporting, refer to C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik Reporting[VERSION]\Report Designer\Examples.


The Getting Started guide includes the following articles:


  • Install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Installing Telerik Reporting

  1. Log in to your Telerik account and click on Downloads.

  2. Select Progress Telerik Reporting.

  3. Click Latest public version or Latest internal build to download the MSI installation file.

  4. Run the MSI installation file.

  5. In the Customization dialog of the Wizard, click Examples Setup to set the examples and the used connection string. The examples use the MS SQL Server AdventureWorks database which you will need later for the report.

  6. In the Samples Database Setup dialog of the Wizard, select your Database Server and the authentication for the connection. The Wizard detects all running instances and lists them in the input field.


  7. On each subsequent dialog that the Wizard will render, click Install and select Next until the installation is completed.

Next Steps

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