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Localization of the HTML5 ReportViewer

The article elaborates on how to localize the messages displayed by the HTML5 Report Viewer. This feature is available since version R2 2018 SP1 (

  1. To localize the report viewer messages, create a new JavaScript file with the required string resources. You may use the resource file that gets deployed with the installation of the product in the subfolder Html5\ReportViewer\js\telerikReportViewer.stringResources- or the following code snippet:

    (() => {
    var sr = {
      //warning and error string resources
      controllerNotInitialized: "Controller is not initialized.",
      noReportInstance: "No report instance.",
      missingTemplate: "!obsolete resource!",
      noReport: "No report.",
      noReportDocument: "No report document.",
      missingOrInvalidParameter: "There are missing or invalid parameter values. Please input valid data for the following parameters:\n",
      invalidParameter: "Please input a valid value.",
      invalidDateTimeValue: "Please input a valid date.",
      parameterIsEmpty: "Parameter value cannot be empty.",
      cannotValidateType: "Cannot validate parameter of type {type}.",
      loadingFormats: "Loading...",
      loadingReport: "Loading report...",
      preparingDownload: "Preparing document to download. Please wait...",
      preparingPrint: "Preparing document to print. Please wait...",
      errorLoadingTemplates: "Error loading the report viewer's templates. (templateUrl = '{0}').",
      errorServiceUrl: "Cannot access the Reporting REST service. (serviceUrl = '{0}'). Make sure the service address is correct and enable CORS if needed. (",
      errorServiceVersion: "The version of the Report Viewer '{1}' does not match the version of the Reporting REST Service '{0}'. Please make sure both are running same version.",
      loadingReportPagesInProgress: "{0} pages loaded so far...",
      loadedReportPagesComplete: "Done. Total {0} pages loaded.",
      noPageToDisplay: "No page to display.",
      errorDeletingReportInstance: "Error deleting report instance: '{0}'.",
      errorRegisteringViewer: "Error registering the viewer with the service.",
      noServiceClient: "No serviceClient has been specified for this controller.",
      errorRegisteringClientInstance: "Error registering client instance.",
      errorCreatingReportInstance: "Error creating report instance (Report = '{0}').",
      errorCreatingReportDocument: "Error creating report document (Report = '{0}'; Format = '{1}').",
      unableToGetReportParameters: "Unable to get report parameters.",
      errorObtainingAuthenticationToken: "Error obtaining authentication token.",
      clientExpired: "Click 'Refresh' to restore client session.",
      promisesChainStopError: "Error shown. Throwing promises chain stop error.",
      renderingCanceled: "Report processing was canceled.",
      tryReportPreview: "The report may now be previewed.",
      //viewer template string resources
      parameterEditorSelectNone: "clear selection",
      parameterEditorSelectAll: "select all",
      parametersAreaPreviewButton: "Preview",
      menuNavigateBackwardText: "Navigate Backward",
      menuNavigateBackwardTitle: "Navigate Backward",
      menuNavigateForwardText: "Navigate Forward",
      menuNavigateForwardTitle: "Navigate Forward",
      menuStopRenderingText: "Stop Rendering",
      menuStopRenderingTitle: "Stop Rendering",
      menuRefreshText: "Refresh",
      menuRefreshTitle: "Refresh",
      menuFirstPageText: "First Page",
      menuFirstPageTitle: "First Page",
      menuLastPageText: "Last Page",
      menuLastPageTitle: "Last Page",
      menuPreviousPageTitle: "Previous Page",
      menuNextPageTitle: "Next Page",
      menuPageNumberTitle: "Page Number Selector",
      menuDocumentMapTitle: "Toggle Document Map",
      menuParametersAreaTitle: "Toggle Parameters Area",
      menuZoomInTitle: "Zoom In",
      menuZoomOutTitle: "Zoom Out",
      menuPageStateTitle: "Toggle FullPage/PageWidth",
      menuPrintText: "Print...",
      menuContinuousScrollText: "Toggle Continuous Scrolling",
      menuSendMailText: "Send an email",
      menuPrintTitle: "Print",
      menuContinuousScrollTitle: "Toggle Continuous Scrolling",
      menuSendMailTitle: "Send an email",
      menuExportText: "Export",
      menuExportTitle: "Export",
      menuPrintPreviewText: "Toggle Print Preview",
      menuPrintPreviewTitle: "Toggle Print Preview",
      menuSearchText: "Search",
      menuSearchTitle: "Toggle Search",
      menuSideMenuTitle: "Toggle Side Menu",
      sendEmailFromLabel: "From:",
      sendEmailToLabel: "To:",
      sendEmailCCLabel: "CC:",
      sendEmailSubjectLabel: "Subject:",
      sendEmailFormatLabel: "Format:",
      sendEmailSendLabel: "Send",
      sendEmailCancelLabel: "Cancel",
      //accessibility string resources
      ariaLabelPageNumberSelector: "Page number selector. Showing page {0} of {1}.",
      ariaLabelPageNumberEditor: "Page number editor",
      ariaLabelExpandable: "Expandable",
      ariaLabelSelected: "Selected",
      ariaLabelParameter: "parameter",
      ariaLabelErrorMessage: "Error message",
      ariaLabelParameterInfo: "Contains {0} options",
      ariaLabelMultiSelect: "Multiselect",
      ariaLabelMultiValue: "Multivalue",
      ariaLabelSingleValue: "Single value",
      ariaLabelParameterDateTime: "DateTime",
      ariaLabelParameterString: "String",
      ariaLabelParameterNumerical: "Numerical",
      ariaLabelParameterBoolean: "Boolean",
      ariaLabelParametersAreaPreviewButton: "Preview the report",
      ariaLabelMainMenu: "Main menu",
      ariaLabelCompactMenu: "Compact menu",
      ariaLabelSideMenu: "Side menu",
      ariaLabelDocumentMap: "Document map area",
      ariaLabelDocumentMapSplitter: "Document map area splitbar.",
      ariaLabelParametersAreaSplitter: "Parameters area splitbar.",
      ariaLabelPagesArea: "Report contents area",
      ariaLabelSearchDialogArea: "Search area",
      ariaLabelSendEmailDialogArea: "Send email area",
      ariaLabelSearchDialogStop: "Stop search",
      ariaLabelSearchDialogOptions: "Search options",
      ariaLabelSearchDialogNavigateUp: "Navigate up",
      ariaLabelSearchDialogNavigateDown: "Navigate down",
      ariaLabelSearchDialogMatchCase: "Match case",
      ariaLabelSearchDialogMatchWholeWord: "Match whole word",
      ariaLabelSearchDialogUseRegex: "Use regex",
      ariaLabelMenuNavigateBackward: "Navigate backward",
      ariaLabelMenuNavigateForward: "Navigate forward",
      ariaLabelMenuStopRendering: "Stop rendering",
      ariaLabelMenuRefresh: "Refresh",
      ariaLabelMenuFirstPage: "First page",
      ariaLabelMenuLastPage: "Last page",
      ariaLabelMenuPreviousPage: "Previous page",
      ariaLabelMenuNextPage: "Next page",
      ariaLabelMenuPageNumber: "Page number selector",
      ariaLabelMenuDocumentMap: "Toggle document map",
      ariaLabelMenuParametersArea: "Toggle parameters area",
      ariaLabelMenuZoomIn: "Zoom in",
      ariaLabelMenuZoomOut: "Zoom out",
      ariaLabelMenuPageState: "Toggle FullPage/PageWidth",
      ariaLabelMenuPrint: "Print",
      ariaLabelMenuContinuousScroll: "Continuous scrolling",
      ariaLabelMenuSendMail: "Send an email",
      ariaLabelMenuExport: "Export",
      ariaLabelMenuPrintPreview: "Toggle print preview",
      ariaLabelMenuSearch: "Search in report contents",
      ariaLabelMenuSideMenu: "Toggle side menu",
      ariaLabelSendEmailFrom: "From email address",
      ariaLabelSendEmailTo: "Recipient email address",
      ariaLabelSendEmailCC: "Carbon Copy email address",
      ariaLabelSendEmailSubject: "Email subject:",
      ariaLabelSendEmailFormat: "Report format:",
      ariaLabelSendEmailSend: "Send email",
      ariaLabelSendEmailCancel: "Cancel sending email",
      //search dialog resources
      searchDialogTitle: "Search in report contents",
      searchDialogSearchInProgress: "searching...",
      searchDialogNoResultsLabel: "No results",
      searchDialogResultsFormatLabel: "Result {0} of {1}",
      searchDialogStopTitle: "Stop Search",
      searchDialogNavigateUpTitle: "Navigate Up",
      searchDialogNavigateDownTitle: "Navigate Down",
      searchDialogMatchCaseTitle: "Match Case",
      searchDialogMatchWholeWordTitle: "Match Whole Word",
      searchDialogUseRegexTitle: "Use Regex",
      searchDialogCaptionText: "Find",
      searchDialogPageText: "page",
      // Send Email dialog resources
      sendEmailDialogTitle: "Send Email",
      sendEmailValidationEmailRequired: "Email field is required",
      sendEmailValidationEmailFormat: "Email format is not valid",
      sendEmailValidationSingleEmail: "The field accepts a single email address only",
      sendEmailValidationFormatRequired: "Format field is required",
      errorSendingDocument: "Error sending report document (Report = '{0}')."
    window.telerikReportViewer ||= {}; ||= sr;
  2. Specify the name of the file using the following convention: stringResources.[culture].js where [culture] is the name of the culture for the specified localization resource. For example, to provide a localization resource for the French-Belgian culture, the corresponding resource file could be named as follows:

  3. Translate the texts for the specified culture
  4. Load the JS file with the translated text before loading the report viewer:

    <script src="/Scripts/"></script>
    <script src="/api/reports/resources/js/telerikReportViewer"></script>

To modify the HTML5 Viewer's HTML template that contains the toolbar, Preview, Parameters, and DocumentMap areas, you will have to set the viewer's templateUrl. For more details on this, please check Providing Templates.

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