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Medium Trust Support Overview

This article describes the limitations and requirements for deploying Web application containing Telerik Reporting on a web host that requires Medium Trust permission level.

If you plan on deploying web application under Medium Trust level, first get acquainted with what Medium Trust is and how to use it - more info in ASP.NET Trust Levels and Policy Files Microsoft article.

Telerik Reporting works in Medium Trust environment with the following exceptions:

  • The PDF and Excel 97- 2003 rendering extensions require UnmanagedCode permission to operate at all times. If the permission is not present, PDF and Excel 97- 2003 extensions are disabled and removed as options from the export dropdown. The Excel rendering extension (i.e. Excel 2007) works correctly under medium trust.
  • The XPS rendering extension requires Full Trust and is removed as option from the export dropdown.
  • Creating TIFF images with CCITT Group 3/Group 4 or RLE compressions, require UnmanagedCode permission.
  • Picturebox item shows images from Web (Value is an URL) - requires WebPermission.
  • Localization of Telerik Web ReportViewer through RESX resource files, requires Full Trust.
  • Shapes and barcodes with transparent colors are rendered in PNG format, which is not supported by Internet Explorer 6 browser.

When running Telerik Reports in Medium Trust, one should always set the ReportViewer.Report property in code behind. Otherwise the ReportConverter class is used, which requires more permissions than are granted in Medium Trust level.

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