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Device Information Settings for the HTML5 rendering format

The following table lists the device information settings for rendering in HTML5 format.

Available HTML5 Device Information Settings

The names of the properties in Device Information Settings are Case-Sensitive.

Name Type Description
UseSVG Boolean A flag specifying whether to render Map and Graph items as SVG or Bitmap images. The default value is true.
ContentOnly Boolean A flag specifying whether the rendered document will be stripped down HTML without HTML, HEAD, Script and Body elements. All of the HTML content will be placed in a div element. The actions meta data and the page style will be served as resources. The default value is false.
StartPage Integer The first page of the report to render. A value of 0 indicates that all pages are rendered.
EndPage Integer The last page of the report to render.

For an example of how to set up the settings for a rendering extension, see extensions Element.

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