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ImageInteractive Device Information Settings

The following table lists the device information settings for rendering in IMAGEInteractive format.

ImageInteractive Device Information Settings

Name Type Description
OutputFormat String Defines the output format of the produced image. Supported formats are: BMP, EMF, EMFPLUS, GIF, JPEG, PNG.
TextRenderingHint string Sets the rendering mode for text using a TextRenderingHint enumeration member. The default value depends on the machine settings - if it has ClearType enabled, then ClearTypeGridFit will be used. Otherwise the rendering algorithm will use AntiAliasGridFit hinting. If text rendering hinting is not supported, the SystemDefault value will be used.

For a detailed example of how to set up the settings for a rendering extension, see extensions Element.


XML-based configuration file:

                <extension name="IMAGEInteractive">
                        <parameter name="OutputFormat" value="PNG"/>
                        <parameter name="TextRenderingHint" value="AntiAliasGridFit"/>

JSON-based configuration file:

"telerikReporting": {
    "extensions": [
            "name": "IMAGEInteractive",
            "parameters": [
                    "Name": "OutputFormat",
                    "Value": "PNG"
                    "Name": "TextRenderingHint",
                    "Value": "AntiAliasGridFit"

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