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Device Information Settings for the Excel 2007 (XLSX) rendering format

The following table lists the device information settings for rendering in Excel 2007 (XLSX) format.

Available Excel 2007 Device Information Settings

The names of the properties in Device Information Settings are Case-Sensitive.

Name Type Description
UseNativePageHeader Boolean Specifies whether to render the report’s page header in the native Excel page header section. When false (default value) the page header is rendered as a sequence of frozen rows at the top of the worksheet.
UseNativePageFooter Boolean Specifies whether to render the report’s page footer in the native Excel page footer section. When false, the footer is rendered as sequence of excel cells. Default value is true.
ShowGridlines Boolean Specifies whether Excel Gridlines are visible. Default value is false.
UseMetafile Boolean A flag specifying whether to render Graph, Map and Barcode items as Metafile (EMF) or Bitmap images. The default value is true.
UseExtendedFormatting Boolean Format strings used throughout the report will be hard-coded with "Custom Format" in Excel which includes the locale information of the server. This way the formatting from the report definition is preserved and does not depend on the client machine locale where the document is opened. The custom format information can be omitted by setting UseExtendedFormatting = false. Default value is true.
SplitWorksheetOnPageBreak Boolean Specifies whether rendering should generate a new worksheet on soft page breaks. The supported page breaks are ReportSection.PageBreak and TableGroup.PageBreak. When SplitWorksheetOnPageBreak is enabled, the report property SkipBlankPages is respected and the empty worksheets will not be included in the generated document. The worksheet generation algorithm complies with the rules set in the report definition and might differ from the soft page breaks generated by the rendering extensions that utilize the paging algorithm. The default value is false.
FormulaPrefix String By default, all of the generated cell values are marked as values rather than formulae. However, if the values are not escaped, there is no guarantee that Excel will not treat values that start with formula identifier as formulae. The purpose of the FormulaPrefix property is to mitigate this by allowing the user to specify a formula prefix that will be used to escape values that start with a formula identifier. The recommended formula prefix is the single quotes character '. The default value is an empty string which keeps the original cell values intact.

For an example of how to set up the settings for a rendering extension, see extensions Element.

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