Loader JSP Tag Overview

The Loader JSP tag is a server-side wrapper for the Kendo UI Loader widget.

Getting Started


The Loader provides a set of default API configuration options that can be set during its initialization. Follow the steps below to configure the Kendo UI Loader for JSP:

Step 1 Make sure you followed all the steps in the introductory article on Telerik UI for JSP.

Step 2 Create a new action method to render the view:

    @RequestMapping(value = {"index"}, method = RequestMethod.GET)
    public String index() {

        return "web/loader/index";

Step 3 Add the Kendo UI taglib mapping to the page:

    <%@taglib prefix="kendo" uri="https://www.telerik.com/kendo-ui/jsp/tags"%>

Step 4 Add the loader tag and configure the component:

    <kendo:loader name="loader-medium" size="medium"></kendo:loader>


The Loader component provides several predefined appearance options such as different types, sizes and theme colors.


The Loader allows you to set different animations by using the type input property.

The available types values are:

  • pulsing (Default)—Applies pulsing animation on the Loader.
  • infinite-spinner—Applies infinite-spinner animation on the Loader.
  • converging-spinner—Applies converging-spinner animation on the Loader.

    <kendo:loader name="loader" type="infinite-spinner"></kendo:loader>

Theme Color

The Loader allows you to specify predefined theme colors.

The available themeColor values are:

  • primary (Default)—Applies coloring based on primary theme color.
  • secondary—Applies coloring based on secondary theme color.
  • tertiary— Applies coloring based on tertiary theme color.
  • info—Applies coloring based on info theme color.
  • success— Applies coloring based on success theme color.
  • warning— Applies coloring based on warning theme color.
  • error— Applies coloring based on error theme color.
  • dark— Applies coloring based on dark theme color.
  • light— Applies coloring based on light theme color.
  • inverse— Applies coloring based on inverted theme color.

    <kendo:loader name="loader" themeColor="info"></kendo:loader>


The Loader allows you to set different sizes.

The available size values are:

  • small
  • medium (Default)
  • large

    <kendo:loader name="loader" size="large"></kendo:loader>


Existing Instances

You are able to reference an existing Loader instance via the jQuery.data(). Once a reference is established, you are able to use the Loader API to control its behavior.

<kendo:loader name="loader" size="small"></kendo:loader>

// Put this after your Kendo Loader tag declaration
$(function() {
    // Notice that the Name() of the Loader is used to get its client-side instance
    var loader = $("#loader").data("kendoLoader");

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