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The SplitButton is a composite control which has a primary (main) button and alternative options that are displayed in a drop-down list which is bound to a secondary button.

In the command overflow popup, the SplitButton is rendered as a flat list of commands. The first one is the primary (main) button, followed by the drop-down items in the order they are defined.

The following example demonstrates how to define a SplitButton in the ToolBar widget.

<div id="toolbar"></div>

        items: [
                type: "splitButton", //setting the command type is mandatory
                text: "SplitButton", //define the text of the primary button
                icon: "folder-add", //set icon of the primary button
                menuButtons: [ //define the drop-down options
                    { id: "option1", text: "Option 1" },
                    { id: "option2", text: "Option 2" },
                    { id: "option3", text: "Option 3" },
                    { id: "option4", text: "Option 4" }

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