Kendo UI for jQuery Scheduler Overview

The Scheduler displays a set of events, appointments, or tasks.

It supports the display of scheduled events in different views—single days, whole weeks, or months, or as a list of tasks which need to be accomplished.

As of the R1 2017 release, exceptions are no longer automatically removed when the user edits a series. Changes that are made to specific occurrences are persisted during series editing. If a series contains an exception, the Scheduler renders a Reset Series button within the Edit dialog of the series which allows the user to reset the series by removing existing exceptions.

As of the Kendo UI 2016 Q2 (2016.2.504) release:

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  • The Scheduler substitutes the semicolon (;) as the delimiter type for recurrence exception with the comma (,).
  • The Scheduler no longer adds a trailing delimiter to a recurrence exception.

The change was driven by the RFC 5545 specification. Note that the previously demonstrated behavior had been incorrect.

Kendo UI for jQuery Scheduler Overview

Functionality and Features

  • Data Binding—You can configure both local and remote data for the Scheduler events.
  • Views—You can configure the available views in the component. You can also implement a custom view.
  • Resources—The Scheduler supports resources which can be assigned to an event.
  • Timezones—You can display the events according to a specific timezone.
  • Printing—You can print the visible content of the Scheduler.
  • Adaptive Rendering—The Scheduler is adaptive to the dimensions of the device you are using.

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