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The PivotGridV2 supports filtering both in the OLAP and flat data-binding scenarios.

The PivotGridV2 uses to perform label filtration. However, it filters only by the caption value of the members.

The following image from the Local Binding demo demonstrates how end-users can apply a filter.

Applying Filter

The next image demonstrates the result when the end-user applies a filter to the Country row.

Filter Result

Enabling Filtering

To enable the filtering functionality, set the filterable configuration of the PivotConfiguratorV2 to true.

    filterable: true,
    // ... other configurations

Filter Object Structure

The filter descriptor is similar to the filter option of the and contains the following options:

  • field—The full path to the tuple member. For example, [Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year].&[2005].
  • operator—All operators that work with strings. Note that the component treats field values as strings.
  • value—The filter value.

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