Data Binding

The Kendo UI PivotGrid supports data binding to an HTTP accessible Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cube and to flat data.

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OLAP Services

Kendo UI provides an OLAP service dll that can be used for testing and is hosted at To see the responses, the service needs to be queried and cannot be opened directly in the browser. For more information on binding the PivotGrid to data over an OLAP cube, refer to the following articles:

Flat Data

When the PivotGrid is bound to a flat-data structure, it processes the data on the client (browser) and creates a client cube representation (configuration). This means that the component uses the processing power of the browser to project the data and produces the required categorized data output. Even though the PivotGrid does not restrict the maximum data amount bound to itself, the data has limits that are directly related to the browser capability to handle the loaded dataset.

The symptoms for an overloaded browser are:

  • The browser is extremely slowly loading or unresponsive for a long time.
  • The browser is crashing on load or on the dimensions/measures update.

If you observe any of these symptoms, this means you have hit the processing limit of the browser. To work around this issue, use a dedicated OLAP solution like Microsoft SSAS.

The server solution has to enable the communication with the client accepting HTTP requests and has to support the XMLA 1.1 protocol.

For runnable examples on binding the PivotGrid to flat data, refer to the following online demos:

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