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Known Limitations

The NumericTextBox has two known limitations that affect its behavior.

Persisted Number of Decimals

To keep its value, the NumericTextBox uses a JavaScript Number object which has a certain precision limitation (restriction). In general, the Number object persists its precision up to 16 digits. Numbers longer than 16 digits get converted to exponential numbers and lose their precision. Because the widget relies on a Number object, it gets the same precision limitation.

This limitation comes from JavaScript and cannot be worked around in a feasible way. You are recommended to use an <input> element with server validation because some server languages can parse long numbers.

On the other hand, if the user enters a number with a greater precision than is currently configured through the decimals property, the widget value will be rounded. For more details and examples, refer to the API documentation on decimals.

Input Type

The NumericTextBox uses <input type="text" /> elements. If initialized from an <input type="number" /> element, the widget switches the input type to text. This behavior enables the support for the comma (,) as a decimal separator in some non-en-US cultures. Currently, browsers ignore the culture of the client and the values that contain a comma as a decimal separator.

The side effect of using a text input type is that it prevents the numeric keyboard from appearing on mobile devices with context-specific software keyboards.

To render a numeric software keyboard, use either of the following workarounds:

  • Use a plain numeric input for mobile devices and add a k-textbox CSS class to apply Kendo UI styling.
  • Change the input type back to number after the NumericTextBox initializes. This is possible only for cultures that use a dot (.) as a decimal separator.

    /* The widget is initialized. */
    $("#my-numeric-textbox").kendoNumericTextBox({ /*...*/ });
    /* Set the input type to "number". */
    $("#my-numeric-textbox").attr("type", "number");
    /* Or, if the widget object is already available. */
    var numericTextBoxObject = $("#my-numeric-textbox").data("kendoNumericTextBox");
    numericTextBoxObject.element.attr("type", "number");

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