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The Notification provides the "info", "success", "warning", and "error" built-in notification types.

The predefined Notifications enable you to apply different templates and looks for each type and provide ready-to-use shorthand display methods and styling functionalities. The shorthand method names match the listed notification types. If you do not specify a Notification type, the widget displays the "info" type. You can also define an unlimited amount of custom notification types and corresponding templates.

The following example demonstrates how to apply built-in notification types.

<span id="notification"></span>

        var notificationElement = $("#notification");
        var notificationWidget ="kendoNotification");

        // Display a "foo" warning message."foo", "warning");
        // The above line is equivalent to:

        // Display a "bar" information message."bar", "info");
        // The above line is equivalent to:"bar");
        // and also to:"bar");

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