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The Filter provides options for defining the text of its filter operators (for example, contains, equals, or greater than) and logic messages (for example, AND and OR).

To localize the messages, set the desired strings in the messages field. To localize the names of the operators, list the available ones and set their text in the operators field.

<div id="filter"></div>
<ul id="listView"></ul>

<script type="text/x-kendo-template" id="item">
        <strong>#= name #</strong>, aged #= age #, is on vacation: #= isOnLeave #

    $(document).ready(function () {
        var dataSource = new{
            data: [
                { name: "Jane Doe", age: "25", isOnLeave: false },
                { name: "John Doe", age: "33", isOnLeave: true },
                { name: "John Smith", age: "37", isOnLeave: true },
                { name: "Nathan Doe", age: 42, isOnLeave: false }
            schema: {
                model: {
                    fields: {
                        name: { type: "string" },
                        age: { type: "number" },
                        isOnLeave: { type: "boolean" }

            dataSource: dataSource,

            messages: {
                or: "OR", // The OR main logic text.
                and: "AND", // The AND main logic text.
                apply: "Set Filter" // The APPLY button text.
            operators: {
                string: {
                    eq: kendo.ui.Filter.fn.options.operators.string.eq, // Take the default Kendo UI text.
                    contains: "Partially Matches" // Define a custom text.
                number: {
                    gte: "Larger Than", // Define a custom text.
                    lt: // Take the default Kendo UI text.

            expressionPreview: true, // Shows a text preview of the filter expression.
            applyButton: true, // Shows the built-in Apply button.
            fields: [ // Defining the fields is not mandatory. Otherwise, they will be taken from the data source schema.
                // If you define the fields, their names and types must match the data source definition.
                { name: "name", type: "string", label: "Name" },
                { name: "age", type: "number", label: "Age" },
                { name: "isOnLeave", type: "boolean", label: "On Vacation" }
            expression: { // defining an initial filter expression is not required
                logic: "and",
                filters: [
                    { field: "age", value: 30, operator: "gte" },
                    { field: "name", value: "Doe", operator: "contains" }
        // Chain the method call to immediately apply filtering after the component initialization because an initial filter is set.

            dataSource: dataSource,
            template: kendo.template($("#item").html())

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