ListBox Overview

The ListBox provides suggestions depending on the typed text and allows multiple value entries.

The widget displays a list of data that is contained in a box and allows single or multiple selection, reordering of selected items, and deleting items and features keyboard navigation as well as the dragging and dropping of items. You can also connect the ListBox with another list-box and customize the widget with the use of templates, toolbar positioning, placeholder and hint, and localization of its command buttons messages.

Initializing the ListBox

To create a Kendo UI ListBox, use a select HTML element and supply the configuration settings in the initialization script. Alternatively, you can use the declarative approach which conforms to the convention of initializing Kendo UI widgets with data attributes.

<!-- Add the select HTML element that is going to hold the Kendo UI ListBox widget -->
<select id="optional">
    <option>Steven White</option>
    <option>Nancy King</option>
    <option>Nancy Davolio</option>

If a data source is not provided in its configuration settings, the ListBox will use the options from the HTML elements as its data source. You can configure the widget for remote operations.

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