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You can configure the ListBox messages for each toolbar command button. The messages serve as tooltip text when the user hovers over the buttons.

    <select id="listbox">
        <option>Steven White</option>
        <option>Nancy King</option>
        <option>Nancy Davolio</option>
        <option>Robert Davolio</option>
        <option>Michael Leverling</option>
        <option>Andrew Callahan</option>
        <option>Michael Suyama</option>
        $(document).ready(function () {
                toolbar: {
                    position: "bottom",
                    tools: ["moveUp", "moveDown", "remove", "transferAllFrom", "transferAllTo", "transferFrom", "transferTo"]
                messages: {
                    tools: {
                        moveUp: "Promote",
                        moveDown: "Demote",
                        remove: "Remove Employee",
                        transferTo: "Transfer To",
                        transferFrom: "Transfer From",
                        transferAllTo: "Transfer All To",
                        transferAllFrom: "Transfer All From"

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