Calendar Types

By default, the DatePicker works with JavaScript Date objects which support only the Gregorian calendar and, as a result, the DatePicker does not support other calendar types.

To work around the default behavior of the widget and simulate a different calendar type, such as Lunar:

  1. Use the JavaScript Date object.
  2. Create a date that is in the past.
    <label for="gregorianStyle">Gregorian year:</label>
    <input id="gregorianStyle" type="text" />
    <label for="lunarStyle">Lunar year:</label>
    <input id="lunarStyle" type="text" />
<h4>Disclamer: In both cases the Gregorian calendar date is used. The second widget just shows the Gregorian date with the Lunar year.</h4>

$(function() {
    var gregorian = new Date(2000, 10, 10); //date using Gregorian calendar
    var lunar = new Date(1497, 10, 10); //date using Gregorian calendar but created in lunar year

    $("#gregorianStyle").kendoDatePicker({ value: gregorian });
        min: new Date(1400, 0, 1),
        value: lunar

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