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Action Buttons

The action buttons of the Dialog allow you to provide specific interaction to users.

Each button has a text and an action handler attached to it. Generally, each button closes the Dialog as its last action but you can cancel this from the custom action handler. The order of the values in the actions array determines the order in which the action buttons will be rendered in the Dialog. You can also define the button as primary.

The following example demonstrates how to set three action buttons in a Dialog with a stretched layout. The last button has an action event handler attached and is set as primary.

      width: "400px",
      title: "Software Update",
      buttonLayout: "stretched",
      content: "<p>A new version of <strong>Kendo UI</strong> is available. Would you like to download and install it now?<p>",
      actions: [
          { text: 'Skip this version' },
          { text: 'Remind me later' },
              text: 'Install update',
              primary: true,
              action: function (e) {
                  alert("Install update action was clicked");
                  // Returning false will prevent the closing of the dialog
                  return true;

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