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By default, sorting in the Grid is disabled.

For a runnable example, refer to the demo on sorting in the Grid.

Getting Started

To enable the sorting functionality of the Grid, set the sortable option to true. As a result, the default single-column sorting functionality will be applied.

To enhance the performance of the Grid, apply the sorting operations on the server by setting the serverSorting option of the data source to true. When server-sorting is enabled, you will receive the default orderBy parameter which contains the field name of the column by which the sorting of the dataset will be applied.

Figure 1: A Grid with its sorting functionality enabled

Grid with Sorting Enabled

Only columns that are bound to a field can be sortable. To enable sorting on a column bound to an object, bind the column to a field of that object.

Sort Modes

The Grid supports the following sort modes:

Single-Column Sorting

By default, the Grid applies single-column sorting when sortable is set to true. You can also configure the single-column sort mode by setting the mode option of editable to single.

     sortable: true
     // Other configuration.

Multi-Column Sorting

To enable multi-column sorting, set the mode option of editable to multiple.

    sortable: {
        mode: "multiple"
    // Other configuration.

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