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Implement Stable Sorting for Grouped Data in Chrome


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How can I implement stable sorting for grouped data in Google Chrome when using the Kendo UI jQuery Grid widget?


The implementation of the built-in sorting algorithm in Google Chrome is not guaranteed to be stable.

A non-stable sorting algorithm might cause items with the same sorting order to change places. When the Grid is grouped by a given field, you can use the sort method in the group event handler to programmatically sort the items within each group in the preferred order.

The following example demonstrates how to apply a stable sort function by using a position field in the Grid.

<div id="grid"></div>

        dataSource: [
          { "Name": "Group1", "Value": 1 },
          { "Name": "Group1", "Value": 2 },
          { "Name": "Group1", "Value": 3 },
          { "Name": "Group1", "Value": 4 },
          { "Name": "Group1", "Value": 5 },
          { "Name": "Group1", "Value": 6 },
          { "Name": "Group1", "Value": 7 },
          { "Name": "Group1", "Value": 8 },
          { "Name": "Group2", "Value": 1 },
          { "Name": "Group2", "Value": 2 },
          { "Name": "Group2", "Value": 3 }
        height: 600,
        group: function(e){
          var groupedByName = false;
            if(item.field === 'Name'){
              groupedByName = true;

              field: 'Name',
              dir: 'asc',
              compare: function(a, b) {
                if(a.Name !== b.Name) {
                  return a.Name.localeCompare(b.Name);

                return a.Value - b.Value;
        groupable: true,
        columns: ['Name', 'Value']

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