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Use Drawing API to Show Custom Tooltip for categoryAxis Labels

It is possible for you to display a tooltip for categoryAxis labels through the drawing API.

The example below demonstrates how to achieve this behavior. Note that the tooltip is displayed when hovering a categoryAxis label.

<div id="chart"></div>
    series: [{
      data: [{
        value: 1
      }, {
        value: 2
      }, {
        value: 3
    categoryAxis: {
      categories: ["Cat 1", "Cat 2", "Cat 3"],
      labels: {
        visual: function (e) {
          // The original label visual
          var labelVisual = e.createVisual();

          // Set the drawing tooltip options
          // https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/drawing/tooltip
          labelVisual.options.tooltip = {
            content: e.text

          return labelVisual;

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