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Keyboard Navigation

The keyboard navigation of the Calendar is based on the key-down events on the wrapper element of the widget.

The logic assumes that everything the user does is in accordance with the currently focused date cell and not the focused element of the browser.

Depending on selection mode (single or multiple), the Calendar behaves differently in terms of selecting and navigating with the keyboard.

When the user applies the multiple date selection, the Calendar demonstrates the following keyboard navigation behavior:

  • The focusing or selection of a date from another month does not navigate to the corresponding month. The user can continue the selection of dates from the current view.
  • The pressing of Space or Enter on a specific date makes a single selection by deselecting all other selected dates.
  • The pressing of Space or Enter on a specific date while the user is holding the Ctrl key adds the date to the current selection. If the date is already selected, it is removed from the selection.
  • The pressing of Shift + Enter or Space performs a range selection. It selects all dates between the most recently selected date (with Space or Enter or a mouse click) and the date that holds the focused cell.
  • The pressing of Shift + Up Arrow or Down Arrow extends the selection up or down one row in the month view respectively.
  • The pressing of Shift + Right Arrow or Left Arrow adds the next or previous date to the current selection respectively.

For a runnable example, refer to the demo on keyboard navigation of the Calendar.

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