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The AppBar component enables you to set its position and its position mode.


The position option of the Kendo UI AppBar defines where the component has to be positioned on the page. The predefined position options are the following:

  • none - no positioning CSS style are applied
  • top - places the AppBar at the top of the page
  • bottom - places the AppBar at the bottom of the page

Position Mode

The positionMode option defines the position of the component relative to its parent container or viewport. The predefined Position Mode options are the following::

  • static - positions the AppBar according to the normal flow of the page.
  • sticky - sticks the AppBar to a given position(top or bottom).
  • fixed- positions the AppBar relative to the viewport.

In order to use the sticky or fixed position mode of the AppBar, the position has to be set either to top or bottom.

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