element jQuery

The element, from which the widget is initialized. Depending on the widget, it may be visible, such as in the AutoComplete, Calendar, DatePicker, inline Editor and others, or hidden, such as in the DropDownList, classic Editor and Upload. A reference to this element is also returned by the initialization statement.

See Widget DOM Elements for more information.


<div id="myWindow">...window content...</div>
    // initialize the widget, which also returns the widget element
    var winElement1 = $("#myWindow").kendoWindow( { /*...*/ } ); // returns div#myWindow as a jQuery object
    var winObject = $("#myWindow").data("kendoWindow");

    // other ways to get the widget element
    var winElement2 = $("#myWindow");
    var winElement3 = $("#myWindow").data("kendoWindow").element;
    var winElement4 = winObject.element;
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