Returns the selected toggle button from the specified group.


groupName String

The name of the group.

Example - get selected button from group with name "radio"

<div id="toolbar"></div>
        items: [
                type: "buttonGroup",
                buttons: [
                    { type: "button", id: "btn1", text: "Button 1", togglable: true, group: "radio" },
                    { type: "button", id: "btn2", text: "Button 2", togglable: true, group: "radio", selected: true },
                    { type: "button", id: "btn3", text: "Button 3", togglable: true, group: "radio" }

    var toolbar = $("#toolbar").data("kendoToolBar");
    var selected = toolbar.getSelectedFromGroup("radio");

/* The result can be observed in the DevTools(F12) console of the browser. */
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