items.overflow String (default: "auto")

Specifies how the button, or the template behaves when the ToolBar is resized. Possible values are: "always", "never" or "auto" (default). If the items contains a template and overflow is set to always, the template will never be rendered. If the item contains an overflowTemplate and the overflow is set to never, the overflowTemplate will never be rendered.


<div id="toolbar"></div>

        items: [
                type: "splitButton",
                text: "splitButton",
                menuButtons: [
                    { id: "foo", text: "Foo" },
                    { id: "bar", text: "Bar" }
                overflow: "never"
                type: "button",
                text: "Button",
                overflow: "auto"
                type: "buttonGroup",
                buttons: [
                    { text: "Option 1", togglable: true },
                    { text: "Option 2", togglable: true },
                    { text: "Option 3", togglable: true }
                overflow: "always"
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