kpiStatusTemplate String|Function

The template which renders the content of the KPI Status value. By default renders "open", "hold" and "denied" status icons.

The fields which can be used in the template are:

  • columnTuple - the tuple of the corresponding column header cell
  • rowTuple - the tuple of the corresponding row header cell
  • measure - the value of the data cell measure
  • dataItem - the data item itself

For information about the tuple structure check this link. About the data item structure review this help topic.

Example - specify a custom template for the KPI Status measure

<div id="pivotgrid"></div>

<script id="kpiStatusTemplate" type="text/x-kendo-template">
    # if (dataItem.value !== 0) { #
    # } else { #
    # } #

    kpiStatusTemplate: $("#kpiStatusTemplate").html(),
    dataSource: {
        type: "xmla",
        columns: [{ name: "[Date].[Calendar]", expand: true } ],
        measures: ["[Measures].[Internet Revenue Status]"],
        transport: {
            connection: {
                catalog: "Adventure Works DW 2008R2",
                cube: "Adventure Works"
            read: {
                url: "",
                dataType: "text",
                contentType: "text/xml",
                type: "POST"
        schema: {
            type: "xmla"
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