Sets date to the widget that will scroll the timeline of the current view to this date.


date Date (optional)

A Date that will be set to the currently selected view.


Date that is set to the currently seleted view.

Example - set date to the widget

 <div id="gantt1"></div>
        dataSource: [{
            id: 1,
            orderId: 0,
            parentId: null,
            title: "Task1",
            start: new Date("2016/09/20 09:00"),
            end: new Date("2016/09/20 10:00")
        views: [
              type: "day", selected: true,
              range: {
                  start: new Date("2016/09/1"),
                  end: new Date("2016/10/15")
var gantt = $("#gantt1").data("kendoGantt"); Date("2016/09/20"));
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