messages Object

Defines the text of the labels that are shown within the editor. Used primarily for localization.


<textarea id="editor"></textarea>
  messages: {
    bold: "Bold",
    italic: "Italic",
    underline: "Underline",
    strikethrough: "Strikethrough",
    superscript: "Superscript",
    subscript: "Subscript",
    justifyCenter: "Center text",
    justifyLeft: "Align text left",
    justifyRight: "Align text right",
    justifyFull: "Justify",
    insertUnorderedList: "Insert unordered list",
    insertOrderedList: "Insert ordered list",
    indent: "Indent",
    outdent: "Outdent",
    createLink: "Insert hyperlink",
    unlink: "Remove hyperlink",
    insertImage: "Insert image",
    insertFile: "Insert file",
    insertHtml: "Insert HTML",
    fontName: "Select font family",
    fontNameInherit: "(inherited font)",
    fontSize: "Select font size",
    fontSizeInherit: "(inherited size)",
    formatBlock: "Format",
    formatting: "Format",
    style: "Styles",
    viewHtml: "View HTML",
    overwriteFile: "A file with name \"{0}\" already exists in the current directory. Do you want to overwrite it?",
    imageWebAddress: "Web address",
    imageAltText: "Alternate text",
    fileWebAddress: "Web address",
    fileTitle: "Title",
    linkWebAddress: "Web address",
    linkText: "Text",
    linkToolTip: "ToolTip",
    linkOpenInNewWindow: "Open link in new window",
    dialogInsert: "Insert",
    dialogUpdate: "Update",
    dialogCancel: "Cancel",
    dialogCancel: "Cancel",
    createTable: "Create table",
    addColumnLeft: "Add column on the left",
    addColumnRight: "Add column on the right",
    addRowAbove: "Add row above",
    addRowBelow: "Add row below",
    deleteRow: "Delete row",
    deleteColumn: "Delete column"
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