theme String (default: "sass")

The circularProgressBar theme. With versions prior to R1 2023 this can be either the respective LESS theme from the list below or "sass". When set to "sass" the circularProgressBar will read the variables from the Sass-based themes.

Note: Since Q2 2024 release, the default value for the theme property is "sass" instead of "default". It is recommended to use "sass" with version Q2 2024 or later.

The supported values are:

  • "sass"
  • "black"
  • "blueopal"
  • "bootstrap"
  • "default"
  • "highcontrast"
  • "metro"
  • "metroblack"
  • "moonlight"
  • "silver"
  • "uniform"


<div id="progressbar"></div>
    indeterminate: true,
    theme: "blueopal"
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