themeColor String (default: 'base')

Specifies the theme color of the component. Valid options are

  • base: apply coloring based on surface theme color.
  • info: apply coloring based on info theme color.
  • success: apply coloring based on success theme color.
  • warning:apply coloring based on warning theme color.
  • error: apply coloring based on error theme color.


<span id="chip-base">Base</span>
<span id="chip-info">Info</span>
<span id="chip-success">Success</span>
<span id="chip-warning">Warning</span>
<span id="chip-error">Error</span>

    $('#chip-base').kendoChip({ themeColor: 'base' });
    $('#chip-info').kendoChip({ themeColor: 'info' });
    $('#chip-success').kendoChip({ themeColor: 'success' });
    $('#chip-warning').kendoChip({ themeColor: 'warning' });
    $('#chip-error').kendoChip({ themeColor: 'error' });
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