Fires when an item or a rootitem is clicked.

Event Data

e.originalEvent Object

The original DOM event.

e.sender kendo.ui.Breadcrumb

The Breadcrumb instance that triggered the event.

e.isRoot Boolean

Indicates if the event is triggered from the rootitem.

e.item Object

The item representation of the clicked instance.

e.preventDefault Function

If invoked prevents the click action.

Example - subscribe to the "click" event during initialization

<nav id="breadcrumb"></nav>

        value: 'Telerik UI/Navigation/Breadcrumb',
        click: function(e) {


Example - subscribe to the "click" event after initialization

<nav id="breadcrumb"></nav>

    var breadcrumb = $("#breadcrumb").kendoBreadcrumb({
        value: 'Telerik UI/Navigation/Breadcrumb'

    breadcrumb.bind('click', function(e) {
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