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Represents a filter applied to a column of a given range. It may specify one or two criterion, comparison operator (equals, starts with, greater than etc.) and logical operator (and, or).



The constructor of the filter.


options Object

An object which may contain the following keys:

  • logic - string - either "and" or "or".
  • criteria - an array of objects, containing operator (String) and value (String|Date|Number) fields.

The supported criteria operators are: eq (equal to), neq (not equal to), lt (less than), lte (less than or equal to), gt (greater than), gte (greater than or equal to). In addition, startswith, endswith, contains, doesnotstartwith and doesnotendwith are supported for cells that contain strings.

Example - custom filter

    <div id="spreadsheet"></div>

    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">


        var spreadsheet = $("#spreadsheet").data("kendoSpreadsheet");

        var sheet = spreadsheet.activeSheet();

        var values = [
            [ "C 1", "C 2", "C 3" ],
            [ "John", 5, 6 ],
            [ "Jane", 8, 9 ],
            [ "Burke", 3, 9 ]


        var filter = new kendo.spreadsheet.CustomFilter({
            logic: "or",
            criteria: [
                { operator: "starstwith", value: "Jo" },
                { operator: "starstwith", value: "Ja" }

        sheet.range("A1:C4").filter([ { column: 0, filter: filter } ]);
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