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sheets.rows.cells.borderBottom Object

The style information for the bottom border of the cell.

sheets.rows.cells.borderBottom.color String

The bottom border color of the cell.

Many standard CSS formats are supported, but the canonical form is "#ccff00".

sheets.rows.cells.borderBottom.size Number

The width of the border in pixels.

The allowed values are:

  • 1 - Results in a "thin" border.
  • 2 - Results in a "medium" border.
  • 3 - Results in a "thick" border.

Example - add a bottom border to the cell

var workbook = new kendo.ooxml.Workbook({
sheets: [
     rows: [
       { cells: [ { value: "Border", borderBottom: { color: "#ff0000", size: 3 } } ] }
dataURI: workbook.toDataURL(),
fileName: "Test.xlsx"
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