valueAxis.majorTicks Object

The major ticks of the axis.

valueAxis.majorTicks.size Number(default: 4)

The axis major tick size. This is the length of the line in pixels that is drawn to indicate the tick on the chart.

valueAxis.majorTicks.visible Boolean(default: true)

The visibility of the major ticks.

valueAxis.majorTicks.color String (default: "black")

The color of the value axis major ticks lines. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

valueAxis.majorTicks.width Number (default: 1)

The width of the major ticks in pixels.

valueAxis.majorTicks.step Number (default: 1)

The step of the value axis major ticks.

valueAxis.majorTicks.skip Number (default: 0)

The skip of the value axis major ticks.

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