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Fired when the user hovers the chart series.

The event handler function context (available via the this keyword) will be set to the widget instance.

Event Data

e.category Object

The data point category

e.categoryPoints Array

A list of all points that are in the same category. Each item has the same fields - value, series, dataItem, etc.

Defined only when a shared tooltip is in use. Available in versions 2014.3.1306 and later.

e.dataItem Object

The original data item (when binding to dataSource).

e.element Object

The DOM element of the data point.

e.originalEvent Object

The original browser event that triggered the hover action.

e.percentage Object

The point value represented as a percentage value. Available only for donut, pie and 100% stacked charts.

e.sender kendo.dataviz.ui.Chart

The widget instance which fired the event.

e.series Object

The clicked series.

e.series.type String

The series type

e.series.name String

The series name

e.series.data Array

The series data points

e.stackValue Object

The cumulative point value on the stack. Available only for stackable series.

e.value Object

The data point value.

Example - subscribe to the "seriesHover" event during initialization

<div id="chart"></div>
  series: [
    { data: [1, 2] }
  seriesHover: function(e) {

Example - subscribe to the "seriesHover" event after initialization

<div id="chart"></div>
functino chart_seriesHover(e) {
  series: [
    { data: [1, 2] }
var chart = $("#chart").data("kendoChart");
chart.bind("seriesHover", chart_seriesHover);
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