categoryAxis.rangeLabels.dateFormats Object

The format used to display date range labels for date category axis. The {0} placeholder represents the category value.

The chart will choose the appropriate format for the current categoryAxis.baseUnit. Setting the categoryAxis.rangeLabels.format option will override the date formats.

See also: kendo.format.

Not supported for radar charts. Use categoryAxis.rangeLabels.format instead.

Example - set category axis date formats

<div id="chart"></div>
  categoryAxis: {
    type: "date",
    justified: true,
    baseUnit: "days",
    rangeLabels: {
      dateFormats: {
        days: "d"
      visible: true
    labels: {
      format: "M-d"
  series: [{
    type: 'line',
    field: 'value',
    categoryField: 'date',
    data: [{
      value: 1,
      date: new Date("2012/01/01")
    }, {
      value: 2,
      date: new Date("2012/01/04")
    }, {
      value: 3,
      date: new Date("2012/01/07")
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