chart String|Object

The kendo.dataviz.ui.Chart instance to control or a CSS selector to its element.

Example - attach to a Chart instance

<nav id="breadcrumb"></nav>
<div id="chart"></div>
      series: [{
        type: 'column',
        name: 'Total Sales By Company',
        field: 'sales',
        categoryField: 'company',
        drilldownField: 'details',
        data: [{
            company: 'Company A',
            sales: 100,
            details: {
                name: 'Company A Sales By Product',
                type: 'column',
                field: 'sales',
                categoryField: 'product',
                data: [{
                  product: 'Product 1',
                  sales: 80
                }, {
                  product: 'Product 2',
                  sales: 20

      chart: '#chart'
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