Build a Custom Inspector

  1. Create a Fiddler Classic extension project.

  2. Change the code to derive from the Inspector2 class and implement either IResponseInspector2 or IRequestInspector2.

    using Fiddler;
    [assembly: Fiddler.RequiredVersion("")]
    public class WebViewer: Inspector2, IResponseInspector2
        public Viewers()
        // TODO: Add constructor logic here
  3. Inside the class, create a new method. By typing public override, you'll get an autocomplete list of the methods you need to write.

  4. In Solution Explorer, right-click on the project and click Add > User Control.

  5. Use the Toolbox to add controls to your user control. These will show the data about the HTTP message under inspection.

  6. In the body{ set } and headers{ set } properties, you should update your control's visual representation of the request or response.

  7. Compile and load your extension in Fiddler.

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