Importer and Exporter Interfaces

Thread Safety and FiddlerCore

  • Currently, the ISessionImporter and ISessionExporter interfaces are called on the MAIN UI thread. This is almost certain to change in the future, so you should ensure that your classes are thread safe and that they do not attempt to directly manipulate the Fiddler Classic UI.

  • Manipulation of the Fiddler Classic UI is further ill-advised because Fiddler Classic itself may not be loaded; FiddlerCore may be hosting your Importer/Exporter directly. In order to support FiddlerCore, it's advised that you support the Filename key (with string value of a fully-qualified path) in the dictOptions parameter, and consider supporting a Silent key (value as boolean) as well.

The ISessionImporter Interface

Extensions that implement the ISessionImporter interface (which implements the IDisposable interface) are called when the user uses the File > Import menu option.

public interface ISessionImporter : IDisposable
   Session[] ImportSessions(string sImportFormat, Dictionary<string, object> dictOptions,
         EventHandler<ProgressCallbackEventArgs> evtProgressNotifications);

The method returns an array of Session objects created from the Import of the data.

The dictOptions dictionary may be null, or may contain a set of string-keyed objects. Most importers support specification of a filename. For example:

dictOptions["Filename"] = "C:\\test.file"

The ISessionExporter Interface

This class is defined by Fiddler Classic and allows you to report on the progress of an import or export operation.

If the completion ratio cannot be determined, simply pass 0 or a "guess" between 0 and 1.0.

If the Cancel flag is set on the ProgressCallbackEventArgs object after being passed to the evtProgressNotifications callback, import or export should gracefully terminate as soon as possible.

public class ProgressCallbackEventArgs: EventArgs
  public ProgressCallbackEventArgs(float flCompletionRatio, string sProgressText)
  public string ProgressText { get; }
  public string PercentComplete { get; }
  public bool Cancel { get; set; }

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